tiffani-headshot-webSome might say I’m a bit of a jack of all trades. I like having more than one thing to do. Chiefly I’m the faith and education evangelist for iStockphoto.com, maybe you’ve heard of it? (if not I’ve still got some work to do). That job keeps me on the road but when I’m home I do PR, marketing and whatever needs doing at Mankin Media Systems in Franklin, TN. We are an Audio/Video/Lighting integrator working mainly with houses of worship. Then in my spare time I freelance in the areas of writing, print design, photography, video editing, speaking, a little web stuff, marketing, branding and consulting.

Its a fun life and I enjoy every minute of it, though somedays I wish there were more minutes.

I spent the previous 14 years doing ministry in various small to medium sized churches. I love working in the church and I am glad that my “secular” jobs of the last couple of years still have me heavily involved in the church world. (Its a crazy world but somebody’s got to live there.) If you want to dig deeper into what I do, the following is a good place to start:


Mankin Media Systems

Creative Fray

Twitter: @tiffanibarnes

Email: tiffani@istockphoto.com, tiffani@creativefray.com

One comment

  1. Hello Tiffani,

    I’m a good friend of Cynthia Ware. I got a DM from her today saying she’s trying to connect us, so here I am making an introduction.

    I hope we can meet soon.

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