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Separate But Equal

January 23, 2008

Something to ponder for creatives that are christians:

MLK day just passed and its got me thinking about the civil rights movement and all that MLK accomplished to bring equality to this country. Before the civil rights movement they had something called separate but equal which was anything but. There were white bathrooms and black bathrooms, white schools and black schools, white entrances to businesses and black entrances, white parts of the bus and black parts of the bus. They were separate, but they were anything but equal. The black version was at best a dim reflection, a poor substitute designed to feign parity where none existed. Finally MLK and others stood up and said, “No more!” And he was right to do so. A revolution happened in this country and it was righteous and it was right. MLK knew that separate could never be equal.

So here’s my question: Why are Christians fighting so hard to achieve what MLK fought so hard to abolish. Christians, who Jesus commanded to be in the world, have instead chosen to be separated from the world. We have made a cheap Christian copy of just about everything that exists in the world today so that we can be safe and clean and not have to deal with the mess of the rest of the world. From Christian TV, to video games, radio, music, newspapers, magazines books and bookstores, the list goes on. Youtube became popular, but instead of putting our content on Youtube we created GodTube, Myspace became the place to be and we created Faith Freaks.

How can we expect to influence and impact society with the message of Jesus and the gospel if we constantly segregate ourselves away from it. If we truly wish to be taken seriously by society we have to be out there, where they are. That means putting our content on Youtube and Myspace and Facebook and whatever comes after it instead of spending our energy to try and create a pale reflection of these things and sectioning ourselves off so that the only people we come in contact with are people who already think and believe the way we do. It means creating art, music, books and TV that are as compelling as what is already available.

I heard Phil Cooke recently say that (paraphrase), “Hollywood is a business and that they would sell their mother if they thought it would make a profit, if Christian programming sold, the networks would run it, they don’t care what the content is as long as it sells.” Holly wood isn’t anti-Christian its just pro-business. Our problem is and has always been that we can’t compete, but instead of spending time trying to get better we retreat into our own little corner of the world so we can feel better about ourselves.

Try this, instead of posting on Godtube, put your videos on Youtube, and make them good enough to get noticed. Instead of opening an account with Faith Freaks, open one on Myspace or Facebook and start making friends. Don’t change who you are, just your location. Move out of the sleepy Christian suburbs and into the big city of the world. Be who you are, but go where the people are. Engage the culture instead of withdrawing from it.

Seclusion doesn’t foster safety, it breeds fear among those on the outside. Don’t settle for separate, strive for equality.