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Creative Outlet

August 12, 2009

CupcakesMaking your living as a creative can be draining. Most of the time you are bringing someone else’s vision to fruition or a the least you are meeting their deadlines and have input other than your own. Its the equivalent of emptying your bottle of creative juice and never pouring anything back in. If you find that you fit this category of creative its a good idea to find an outlet, outside of what you create at work, that allows you to pour juice in your bottle instead of out.

One way that I  let loose creatively is baking. I really enjoy making cupcakes. I have an entire recipe book devoted to decorating cupcakes, and I love it! This goes way beyond simple batter in paper sleeve and some icing smeared on top. No no, this is art that you can eat! It’s so much fun to find new and interesting ways to create a cupcake. There is one recipe in my book I’m not brave enough to try yet, but one day I will. Its a sheet of cupcakes all tightly packed together and iced as one to look like Starry Night. Its practically a cupcake jigsaw puzzle. One day I’ll get brave enough and have enough time to attempt it, until then it’s just out there taunting me.

So much of the art I create for a living is done on a computer that it feels good to actually create with my hands not wrapped around a mouse. Part of staying healthy as a creative is feeding your creativity. Find something that thrills you, that peaks your creative interest and carve out the time to do it. It may seem like wasted time but you will be surprised how much more productive you are  at work when you are creating out of the overflow of your creative juice bottle rather than spending the last few drops.

Do you spend time filling your creative juice bottle? If so, what things do you do. If not, why?